Basketball io

About Basketball io

Basketball io is a fantastic time killing game. This is online game so you will be playing with another random player soDribble, shoot, score, WIN! Grab the ball and take on the world with basketball io !
Show-off your basketball skills in this game. Score more points than your opponent and become the champion.. you can chane character, basketball court and ball colour. you can all see your world wide rand table in this game. many players lode coin to unlock different features of games.

If your score is eual and time is up then you will get extra time, and in that time team who score first will be consider as winner.

How to play:

Use mouse to play and control your basketball player in this .io multiplayer game

  • A key for left turn
  • S key for backwards
  • D key for right turn
  • W key for forward

Leavel of the game rank on basic of star

Try basketball legends

In Basketball io, this option works best for two people. Depending on the sub-modes, you can compete as a team or as teammates. There are two sub-modes: 1vs1 and 2vs2CPU, respectively.

  • In a one-minute match, you can simultaneously control both characters in two separate teams to engage in combat. It implies that you and your friend will face off against each other.
  • Similar to the 1vs 1 sub-mode, you and your companion are still opponents. You will, however, be a part of a two-person team. Naturally, you will only be able to direct one team member; you will not be able to command both. Similar to you, your companion on the other team will play a role.
  • The 2vs2CPU will have the same number of teams as the 2vs2 competition. The unique aspect is that you and your friend will be on the same squad.
  • It seems intriguing. It is now your task to successfully combine and overcome the CPU. When the CPU is also an excellent basketball player, exercise caution.

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